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Bike Fit Services

Want to increase power, comfort and efficiency when riding your bike?

At OBC we have two certified fitters.  Jude is certified in Cyfac, Retul and Trek while Carrie has been certified Level 1 (road and mtb) & 2 (Tri) by Trek since 2007!!  With hundreds of bike fits completed, we can help you.  

Who benefits from a bike fit?

Sore neck and back, knee pain, uncomfortable saddle - all can be signs of an improper bike fit.  Anyone who rides a bike, from recreational to competitive, needs a proper bike fitting.  A bike that fits correctly is not only a blast to ride, it is essential for optimum comfort and efficient power transfer to the pedals.




The fit begins with a short discussion about your riding history and goals.  Next we will do a few simple tests to determine your level of flexibility.  Using this information, direct observation of you on the bike, and a few precise measurements, we properly adjust and align the fit for optimal comfort, efficiency and performance.  All fit changes and recommendations will be discussed with you.


(2-2.5 hours)

Get the same great value as the PRO FIT plus aero bar installation and set-up.