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Bike Fit Services

Want to increase power, comfort and efficiency when riding your bike?

At OBC, Carrie has been certified Level 1 (road and mtb) & 2 (Tri) by Trek since 2007!!  With hundreds of bike fits completed, we can help you.  

Who benefits from a bike fit?

Sore neck and back, knee pain, uncomfortable saddle - all can be signs of an improper bike fit.  Anyone who rides a bike, from recreational to competitive, needs a proper bike fitting.  A bike that fits correctly is not only a blast to ride, it is essential for optimum comfort and efficient power transfer to the pedals.




The fit begins with a short discussion about your riding history and goals.  Next we will do a few simple tests to determine your level of flexibility.  Using this information, direct observation of you on the bike, and a few precise measurements, we properly adjust and align the fit for optimal comfort, efficiency and performance.  All fit changes and recommendations will be discussed with you.


(2-2.5 hours)

Get the same great value as the PRO FIT plus aero bar installation and set-up.